About The AKORE® Management

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. (“ISS”) was founded in 1993 by Richard Carrier, and it has provided fuel tax solutions and support for major organizations across the U.S. for more than 21 years.  Several years before the availability of commercially-developed motor fuel tax compliance software, ISS was instrumental in the preparation and filing of tax returns for organizations with tax liabilities in excess of a billion dollars.

The current ISS teams of Fuel Tax and Technology specialist play a crucial role in key strategic automation planning and project execution for organizations that continue to rely on our expertise to meet their organizational goals of reducing the time to file, lowering operational costs, and overall total cost of ownership.

As a company, ISS has accomplished several significant milestones in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Since 1993 ISS created multiple billing, fuels tax compliance, tax determination and corporate accounting applications for companies such as Tesoro Petroleum Corporation, HollyFrontier, Ultramar Diamond Shamrock (now Valero), KCI, SWBC and many others.
  • Tesoro Petroleum Corporation has processed annually over 1 Billion dollars in purchase and sales Fuel Taxes using the ISS developed tax data warehouse solution.
  • Since 1993 ISS developed multiple custom purchase and sales reporting solutions that have been instrumental in tax return refund revenue.
  • 1999 ISS developed one of the first IRS ExSTARS EDI Fuel Tax Filing systems. Tesoro used this system to become the first electronic IRS filer in 2001.
  • Since 1993 ISS designed and implemented several enterprise level Tax reporting data interfaces still being utilized by companies in production today.
  • 2003 created the AKORE TaxCRM commercial tax product, the first full-featured CRM product designed specifically for tax departments to manage customer communication, contracts and exemption certificate management.
  • 2009 ISS released the AKORE TaxCalendar commercial product, used globally today for every aspect of tax return tracking.
  • 2012 the IRS certified ISS and AKORE® FTPLUS® as an official IRS software developer and transmitter.

Over time ISS has been strictly focused on using new and leading edge technology to develop tax solutions. This effort has enabled ISS to develop key strategic relationships, with companies such as SAP, OpenLink, PDI, Toptech and other technology partners. ISS is recognized by big 4 accounting firms as leader in fuel tax solutions

Richard Carrier President of Innovative Software Solutions, Inc.

Richard Carrier is the founder and President of Innovative Software Solutions. His company has been developing commercial Tax Software since 1993. Richard received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University Of Alaska and has been deeply involved and working with Tax Departments for over 25 years. With the State Of Alaska, Environment Conservation Richard coordinated the State Emergency Response Committee (SERC) statewide managing and directing technical and technology resources post Exxon Valdez. His company has designed, implemented and managed the development and implementation of many large scale ExSTARS,SAP© Motor Fuel Tax, Sales Tax, Use Tax , Income Tax and Property Tax Projects. The results of these projects have saved Tax Departments millions of dollars in refunds resulting from more accurate reporting and Tax accrual processes. In addition, Richard has been recognized by Oil & Gas industry technology departments as one of  top leaders in Tax Technology software, he is a Certified SAP© consultant and an expert in IRS tax systems such as EXSTARS along with various state motor fuel tax reporting systems and requirements.

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Richard can be reached with questions, concerns, comments or feedback at rcarrier@innsoftinc.com .

Augustine Gonzalez - Sr. Manager, Business Services

Augustine  received his B.B.A. in Business Administration from the University Of Texas at San Antonio and an M.B.A from St. Mary’s University. Augustine has over 15 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry. He began his career at Tesoro Petroleum, serving many roles within the Information Technology department; Developer, Project Manager and Manager.  While serving in these roles, Augustine implemented business software applications for several corporate business areas. In the process, he obtained valuable business knowledge in the Refinery Upstream and Downstream operations; Marketing, Retail, Production Revenue, Logistics, Supply and Trading Operations and Accounting.

Augustine can be reached at agonzalez@innsoftinc.com.

John Brand - Manager, Forms and Content

John provides ISS with over 20 years transportation experience. In 2012 John was invited by the Federal Tax Administration to join both the Forms and Electronic commerce uniformity subcommittee. John is a expert with all US, Federal and Canadian tax forms and content requirements.

John can be contacted for questions or help at jbrand@innsoftinc.com

Isaac Dsouza- Sr. Manager, Interface and new development

Isaac provides ISS with over 23 years of software, database and interface development experience. Isaac is a Right Angle Solrac expert along with other ERP systems. In his daily role Isaac provides leadership across all AKORE Tax products to our developers.

Isaac can be contacted for questions or help at Isaacd@innsoftinc.com