Innovative Software Solutions, Inc (ISSI). is certified by the IRS as a Approved ExSTARS Excise Tax Transmitter and Software Vendor. The ISSI team will provide your company with advanced expertise to simplify complicated ExSTARS compliance. Combined with certified SAP consultants and technology experts the ISSI team can help you simply and automate complex interfaces or provide a simple file upload using our certified TopTech interface.

We can interface with any system and once your data is loaded into the AKORE® FTPLUS® Fuel Tax Software your ExSTARS compliant EDI files can be created in just a few minutes.

If your terminals are using Toptech w can have you up and running in 1-3 days , possibly at no charge, using our certified Toptech AKORE Interface.

In 1999 when the IRS ExSTARS program was first created ISSI worked with Tesoro Petroleum and developed an SAP internal interface and application. This application was then used to have Tesoro become one of the very first electronic EDI filers in 2000.

Innovative Software was the first company to file electronically with Tesoro in 1999.

If you are struggling with complicated Refinery Reporting , ISSI is an expert at the ExSTARS Refinery reporting requirements and and guide you through the process of becoming compliant.

ISSI is a unquiet company with over 20 years experience in ExSTARS.