AKORE® Software covers all 50 States

Akore FTPlus, fuel tracking software in the US

AKORE® is a robust, scalable long-term commercial software solution for Fuel and Environmental Excite Tax Returns. We can provide signature ready returns for Federal and all 50 U.S. states (and yes we include Canada.) The software package contains over 500 plus ready to file Fuel and Environmental Excise Tax Returns along with all required schedules. 

And Canada Too

Akore FTPlus, fuel tracking software in the Canada

500+ Fuel, Sales & Use and Environmental forms in AKORE® TAXContent™

     AKORE® has expanded beyond Fuel Tax returns. Our customers are now using the AKORE® software for Sales and Use Tax due to its reliability and functionality. Our software is customizable and highly intuitive. However, if you or your staff need training, we offer webinars so you get the support you need.

     Mobilize your Tax Department using our Cloud solution that runs on any device including Mac®, Android®, ipad®, iphone®. Our Cloud Solution uses a Powerful, Trusted, and Secure Cloud Hosting company that is powerful and secure.

     We strive for a 100% customer satisfaction, provide robust support and training. Get Started now and find out why Customers are both choosing and switching to the AKORE® Team.