Question – We need Tax Determination and Compliance, can AKORE provide both ?

Answer    -Yes, AKORE does both using the Patent Pending Matrix tool for Compliance and Determination if you need it.

Question – Will I need to bring in a developer or consultant from your company every time a business rule changes or we start doing new business in a new location.

Answer    – No, Our customers will be using our Patent Pending Matrix Tool. This matrix will eliminate any and all needs for any custom programming and puts the tax decision making in the hands of tax analyst not developers and consultants.  The Matrix Tool is a major break thru in tax technology decision making.

Question – Does your software populate forms and face page information for us?

Answer    – Yes, we use the latest technology to auto populate all forms. With the Dashboard view, pre-populated forms are never more than 2 clicks away.

Question – Can I really count on your company to get my Motor Fuel Taxes Filed?

Answer    – Innovative Software has been working with major Oil & Gas company tax departments since 1993. Our software has time after time been instrumental in saving millions of dollars in audits and refund request. We are the experts in building Tax Data Warehouse filing systems. Our employees have been recognized as some of the top in the country. Many Fortune 100 companies have invested and rely on AKORE® products.

Question – Can your software file the new electronic formats like XML and EDI?

Answer    – Yes, AKORE® FTPLUS® provides the complete package. You will not need to purchase additional add-ons to comply with these new formats. The capability to generate the electronic files are simply built into the software package.

Question – How easy is your software to use, I don’t want to learn a new tax package?

Answer    – Its simple to use, AKORE® FTPLUS® has been developed for Tax Analyst not programmers. When you see a demo of the software the first thing you notice is how simple the software is to use and understand.

Question – How long to setup your software?

Answer    – Its simple to use and fast to setup. When we show you a demo, what you see can be implemented that afternoon. We don’t “invent” screens and features for marketing purposes. Since there is no custom programming required to setup the rules, The process can be done quickly without the need of a computer programmer.