WHY AKORE® FTPLUS® Motor Fuel Tax Software?

AKORE® FTPLUS® Motor Fuel Tax Filing Software is built on Industry and FTA Standards adhering to Federal and State-specific requirements. AKORE® has several employees that are active members of the FTA uniformity committees. Our team participates in monitoring upcoming changes that affect Motor Fuel Taxes.

AKORE® is a robust and scalable, long-term commercial solution that provides ready-to-file returns for Federal, all 50 U.S. States, Canada and ExSTARS. The software package contains over 500 plus ready-to-file Fuel and Environmental Excise Tax Returns along with every required schedule. We offer the software as a secure, Cloud Hosted solution.

The AKORE® is built using cutting-edge technology used by the largest companies in the world with the strictest security policies, restrictions and regulations.

Major features of the AKORE® FTPLUS® software are:

Securely and easily runs on any device including PCs, smart phones, tablets and Macs.

U.S. based fully managed Tier 4 Data Center providing full Disaster Recovery

Highest Level of availability with 24x7x365 support.

Full Compliance (Hippa/PCI), SAS 70 Type II Certification and SSAE 16 Type II Certification.

Break the Cloud performance barrier using AKORE’s cutting edge technology and load hundreds of thousands of tax return transactions in seconds even while working at 38,000 feet.

Improve your bottom line. Start using this truly innovative technology found only in AKORE® FTPLUS® from INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.

Want More? You got it.

Built-in Document Management – Archive your tax returns and work papers. From the dashboard, users are able to upload and edit documents and attach them to the return. Additionally, the system provides the ability for users to check-in and check-out documents. Users can save copies of tax returns with supporting documentation such as proof of filing and required work papers for the active filing period.

Advanced Desktop Data Import Utility – Users have the ability to load data stored on their desktop or any accessible network drive. Users can create, save, edit, delete and re-use import templates.

Pre-Built Connectors Data Import Utility – These Pre-Built Connectors are highly optimized and designed to be automated and server-based. AKORE® continues to add partners and alliances in order to provide tightly integrated support for ERP and Back-Office Systems.

Patent Pending Matrix Tool – The Matrix tool empowers the users to manage tax rules without the need for programmers and professional technical support.
• The Matrix tool is as simple and easy to use as a spreadsheet.
• The Matrix tool comes Preloaded with tax flexible rules that can be adjusted and maintained easily by users and eliminates programmer intervention.
• The Matrix Tool has full audit capabilities, meaning any new record, deleted record or any modified field is automatically recorded and logged. Users or internal auditors are able to review the matrix tool audit trail on-demand and inspect all changes that have occurred over time and by whom.

Preloaded Tax Content – Users are automatically provided with timely tax rate updates for all active jurisdictions. Schedule codes, product codes, and forms are maintained.

Advanced Error Management – the error management can be customized by the user and dynamic.
• Prior to submitting a tax return, the transaction data is scanned for errors and accuracy. These advanced error routines are regularly updated by ISS as tax filing requirements are changed.
• The error routine generates a detailed Error and Warning report, which are color-coded by the system.
• With built-in drill-down capability the user can then see exact transactions and all errors or warnings associated with each transaction.

Mass Edit Tool – the mass edit tool is designed as a time saver for users that need to make the same change to hundreds or even thousands of scheduled transactions at once.

Returns Schedule Transactions Maintenance – Both taxable and nontaxable returns schedule transactions are stored in this area.
• Users with access can perform the following functions: Print, Save, Insert, Edit, Delete, Export to Excel, Import, Validate, Search, Copy and Move transactions.

Excel Style Filter Capability – the built-in Data Filter is a powerful, easy-to-use filtering capability that provides users functionality similar to excel. Simply filter the data to meet your requirements, and eliminate the need for unsecured custom query tools or software.

Reports with Instant Drill-down Capability – The AKORE fuel tax solution comes pre-installed with many robust reports designed to allow the user to reconcile taxable and nontaxable transactions along with also reconciling gallons to inventory systems. All reports can be quickly filtered, printed, exported to Excel, attached to Outlook, or saved to PDF.

Role-Based Security- All security within the application for all roles are maintained within the security matrix.
• Security is user role-based and can be managed within multiple levels, starting with the Company Level, then the Module Level, the State Level, and then the Role.
• Each user is assigned one of 3 roles, viewer, filer, or filer admin.

Electronic Filing Capability– AKORE’s software is capable of creating accurate and error-free external files in many various formats; EDI, XML, TXT, and CSV. The application can also directly populate any Excel template file.

Create Amended Returns for both Electronic and Paper Filings – Every tax return whether paper or electronic will allow for amended return filings. Users can file as many amendments on a tax period as required. The AKORE® FTPLUS® software follows all tax authority guidelines when producing amended tax returns. Return face pages, reports ad schedules will all be available for all amended returns in all 50 states including any additional jurisdictions.

Standard Reporting – The software is ready with several summary-style reports with built-in drill down-to-the-detail transactions and schedule data. These reports will run for either Original Tax Returns or Amended Tax returns. All reports can be quickly filtered, sorted, attached to Outlook, Saved to PDF, Saved to Excel, or exported to TXT.

Custom Report Builder – The software is capable of allowing users to create custom and ad-hoc reports. Users can choose the fields for the report and then either print or export the report to excel.

Internal Auditing – Everywhere in the software we provide auditing of all changes. The Patent Pending Matrix Tool audits every field change and displays the history of all changes. Transaction data either created or changed by any user is always audited and the change date along with user names and change methods are always captured and recorded.

User Tax Return Adjustments – There may be times when customers are charged late filing fees or penalties and interest. Using the Dashboard Edit capability users can adjust tax returns. Users can never manually override any information that has been derived using actual schedule transactions data. Any and all changes are audited and recorded.

Dashboard Tax Calculations and Face Page Review – The dashboard view instantly gives users access to over 500+ tax return face pages and worksheets for both original and amended tax returns. Users can calculate returns for accuracy checks or reconciliation.

Inventory Management and Calculations – The inventory module is accessed using the dashboard. Users have the ability to enter ending inventory by product code and the ending inventory will automatically roll forward into the next month’s beginning inventory.

Tax Forms and Schedule Auto-Population – With advanced built in PDF technology, transaction data fields are automatically populated and merged into PDF forms, both face pages and schedules.

License and Exemption Tracking – The license exemption module allows the users to create profiles of customer licenses using the Federal Tax Identification as the primary index. Exemption certificates can be attached directly to the customer record based on effective from and effective due dates.

Outlook Style Tax due Date Calendar – From within the dashboard, users can activate due date reminders that are automatic and sever-based for tax return due dates. Using the built-in alerts, users will be sent an email when an expiring certificate is approaching.

Tax Liability Calculations – Using the tax return calculations, tax liabilities can be computed and compared to prior and previous periods. Scenario-based transactions can be loaded directly into the returns schedule transactions and then tax liabilities can be computed.

Flexible Design and Software Foundation – The commercial software AKORE® FTPLUS® is flexible and designed to be extended and meet users’ requirements as these are suggested by the customer. ISS can evaluate and sometimes complete new feature requests in less than 1 week or sooner.

Tax Return Notice Tracking – Tax return notices can be scanned and attached directly to the active tax period within the Dashboard.