Extends the Compliance Monitoring capabilities

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. extends the Compliance Monitoring capabilities of Services in conjunction with the newest 2.0 release. These capabilities include additional proactive support and updates for Legislative and Tax Compliance requirements. Richard Carrier, President of Innovative Software Solutions, explains. Carrier continues, The heart and soul of everything we do from a product development perspective at ISSI is to monitor tax filing requirements and maintain quality services. Through rigorous best practices, which include monitoring, time frame identification, impact study, testing, and deployment, the accuracy and Total Cost of Ownership for AKORE® FTPlus continues to lead the industry.

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. is the home of IRS EXSTARS certified AKORE® FTPlus software and AKORE® TaxCalendar, AKORE®  TaxCRM, AKORE®  PricingCRM, AKORE® Contacts, and AKORE® CRM software.  We are also a member of the Federation of Tax Administrators and that organization’s Uniformity committee.